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Elevating Field Service Efficiency: Schindler’s Collaboration with Smart Data

Schindler, a global leader in the manufacturing of escalators, moving walkways and elevators, was facing challenges in optimizing their field services across the U.S. To meet this challenge, Schindler partnered with Smart Data to develop a comprehensive mobile solution to revolutionize their service workforce operations. The native mobile application for iPads built with .Net Core, React, Rest API on SAP NetWeaver and ABAP, allowed Schindler to enhance visibility into their field services, boost efficiency, improve safety measures and increase real-time response capacity. The solution also enabled the company to track technicians, adjust schedules, receive notifications and order parts with ease.

SAP Field Service Application Case Study

Technologies Used

SAP and Salesforce Integration Logos

Technologies Used

SAP and Salesforce Integration Logos
SAP and Salesforce Integration Logos

Functional Area:

    • Field Services


    • iPad (iOS)

    • SAP ERP

Special Features:

  • Offline Capabilities
  • GPS integration
  • Portal Integration
  • Online Store Integration

Team Members:

    • 1 Mobile, 1 ABAP, 1 PM, 1 Web Developer

Project Timeline:

    • 12 Months Ongoing enhancements




Ebikon, Switzerland

Start Date:


Business Model:

Project Teams

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The Company:

Schindler is a Swiss-based multinational enterprise that has been a leader in the manufacturing of escalators, moving walkways, and elevators since its inception in 1874. Schindler’s products grace a wide variety of structures, from residential and commercial buildings to high-rise edifices. The company is renowned for not only manufacturing and installing these systems but also for its commitment to maintenance, modernization, and improvements. With this commitment in mind, Schindler sought to optimize their field services by enhancing visibility, efficiency, and real-time response capacity.

The Problem and Solution:

To enhance the field supervisors’ ability to oversee and manage work activities conducted by field technicians across the United States, it was crucial to provide them with a comprehensive and real-time perspective. This included the need for accurate scheduling adjustments, efficient task assignments, timely notifications, and ensuring technician safety by monitoring their locations. Additionally, the ability to order necessary parts and have them delivered to the appropriate sites was essential. Furthermore, the requirement for dynamic reporting capabilities was identified.

To meet these needs, the solution involved the development of a native mobile application specifically designed for iPads. This application seamlessly integrated Schindler’s parts catalog and provided easy access to a web portal dedicated to the iPad application. This web portal facilitated convenient updates of specific components without requiring the deployment of new versions of the mobile app. By incorporating these features, the overall efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of the field supervisors’ operations were significantly improved.

Mobile SAP Inventory Management Sales App Screenshot 1
Mobile SAP Inventory Management Sales App Screenshot 3
Mobile SAP Inventory Management Sales App Screenshot 2

The Results:

Upon the successful implementation of the mobile solution developed by Smart Data, Schindler was able to significantly improve their field service operations. The native mobile application for iPads not only optimized workflow management but also enhanced the safety measures for field technicians. It allowed supervisors to make real-time decisions, thus drastically reducing service times and improving operational efficiency. Our solution effectively enabled Schindler to streamline the process of parts ordering, resulting in faster response times and more accurate forecasting.

The impact of the solution was felt across Schindler’s service chain, by gaining a deep understanding of Schindler’s operations, we at Smart Data were able to curate a solution that not only heightened their service efficiency but also drove tangible improvements in overall performance. This project stands as a testament to Smart Data’s proficiency in mobile solution development and our ability to transform businesses. We look forward to nurturing our relationship with Schindler and further improving their operational capabilities.


Good support from management: With the management support and encouragement when team had faced struggles due to limited technical knowledge and slowly client got confidence about team improvement.


Post deployment support: The Post deployment support as discussed above is the added advantage they got from us.


Successful on-time delivery: Finally, as an outcome the project succeeded to be delivered on time to their client having them happy with quality and functionalities required.

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