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Smart Data’s Transformation of eDoc’s Digital Solutions for Remote Business Operations

Smart Data has proudly partnered with eDoc to provide software development services for four of their key products: eDoc Onboard, eDoc Scriptus, eDoc Scriptus Mobile App, and eDoc eSign. From enhancing an online worker onboarding platform, managing the upgrade of a web application and its subsequent client migration, finalizing an iOS mobile app, to creating a customizable e-signature platform, Smart Data’s technical prowess and focused approach has consistently delivered robust and innovative solutions. This case study provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the resulting benefits of these collaborative efforts.

eDoc Case Study for Multiple healthcare it services products
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About Company:

Founded in 1997 Edoc Service, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative remote business solutions. The company, which prides itself on its 100% virtual team, was established at a time when “working from home” was a concept yet to be popularized. Over the years, Edoc Service has evolved significantly, yet its core values and commitment to doing meaningful and productive work remotely have remained constant. At the heart of their mission is a strong emphasis on people over profit, and their contributions continue to make a significant impact in Cincinnati, Ohio, and beyond. Edoc’s cloud-based tools and services for greater collaboration and productivity include Scribe (transcription), Virtual, eSign (legally binding digital signatures) & Office.

The Problem:

With the rapid shift towards remote work and the growing need for efficient digital solutions, eDoc faced several challenges. They needed to streamline and enhance their suite of digital products – Onboard, Scriptus, Scriptus Mobile App, and eSign. However, eDoc’s existing platform lacked the necessary features and capabilities to meet the evolving requirements of its clients. Some of the key issues included a lack of multi-tenancy and role permissions in the Onboard platform, limitations in the functionality and user experience of the Scriptus web application, an undeveloped iOS application for Scriptus, and an inefficient signature process in eSign.

Key Challenges:

The primary challenges in this project were manifold, requiring intricate problem-solving, expert technical knowledge, and innovative thinking. For Onboard, consolidating multi-tenancy and introducing new role permissions posed a significant task. With Scriptus, facilitating the migration of eDoc’s clients from a legacy platform to an upgraded web application was a major challenge. In addition, refining an iOS app for Scriptus Mobile ahead of its deployment to the end client required diligent work. Lastly, with eSign, creating a competitive and customizable e-signature platform in compliance with UETA regulations, whilst ensuring a user-friendly experience, presented a complex challenge.

The Solution:


Our solution to the challenges presented by eDoc Onboard involved multiple dynamic approaches. We updated the framework version and consolidated all clients onto a single server, thus simplifying multi-tenancy. This move also allowed us to introduce an additional layer of client-employer logic via new role permissions. We improved the handling of electronic signatures on all user-signed documents and implemented version control for federal and state forms, user data, and all signed documents. Furthermore, we integrated the platform with CyberPay Online, a third-party HR management system, and introduced a compliant I-9 form completion feature. Our strategic enhancements greatly streamlined the onboarding process, offering a more efficient and user-friendly experience for all parties involved.

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For eDoc Scriptus, our team had the task of managing the hand-off and addition of new feature sets for a web application upgrade, as well as facilitating the migration of eDoc’s client from a legacy platform to the new application. Our solutions included implementing customizable and automated job pool and assignment logic, updating administrative job displays, and improving job and user management. We also improved Twilio API interactions, replicated dictator transcription signing logic, corrected multi-tenancy settings, and onboarded a new client account with customized reporting fields. The introduction of these new features and improvements significantly enhanced the functionality and user experience of the eDoc Scriptus platform.

Scriptus Admin Transcription View Screenshot
Scriptus Admin Job view Screenshot

Scriptus Mobile App

In the development of the eDoc Scriptus Mobile App, our team was tasked with finalizing and refining an iOS app ahead of its deployment to the end client. We worked diligently to implement the required features, enabling dictators to record audio dictations of patient encounters, submit the recordings, and sign off on the transcribed reports. Key features include custom audio recording and playback, text editor with formatting for editing transcription contents, and push notifications for pending reports. The successful deployment of the app significantly improved the speed, flexibility, and convenience of the dictation and transcription process, directly contributing to enhanced productivity.

Scriptus Mobile App Dictate Screenshot
Scriptus Mobile App Info Screenshot
Scriptus Mobile App Submit Screenshot


Our collaboration with eDoc on the eSign product gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in creating a competitive and customizable e-signature platform. The multi-tenant platform offered features such as document upload capabilities with multiple signature field types, provisions for multiple signers, and email notifications for all stages of document signing. We also incorporated tenant management with automatic URL/DNS assignment, user management, and email group management. Our emphasis was on ensuring compliance with UETA regulations, including the option for hand-drawn signatures. This solution streamlined the signature process, making it more efficient and user-friendly, and significantly improved the overall user experience.

eSign Super Admin view screenshot
eSign User Management Screenshot
eSign Document Dashboard Screenshot

The Results:

In summary, Smart Data’s collaboration with eDoc has been instrumental in revamping and streamlining four of their primary products. With eDoc Onboard, we effectively consolidated multi-tenancy and introduced new role permissions, significantly enhancing the onboarding process. Our work on eDoc Scriptus involved facilitating the successful migration of eDoc’s clients to an upgraded web application with newly implemented features and improvements, thereby improving overall functionality and user experience. In developing the eDoc Scriptus Mobile App, we successfully incorporated key features that provided a more efficient and convenient dictation and transcription process, greatly enhancing productivity. Lastly, with eDoc eSign, we created a customizable e-signature platform compliance with UETA regulations, which positively transformed the user experience by streamlining the signature process. Our partnership with eDoc serves as a testament to our commitment and expertise in delivering robust and innovative solutions tailored to our client’s needs.


Good support from management: With the management support and encouragement when team had faced struggles due to limited technical knowledge and slowly client got confidence about team improvement.


Post deployment support: The Post deployment support as discussed above is the added advantage they got from us.


Successful on-time delivery: Finally, as an outcome the project succeeded to be delivered on time to their client having them happy with quality and functionalities required.

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