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Generative AI Solutions for Inphlu with OpenAI’s ChatGPT Integration

Leveraging the ChatGPT API, Smart Data enabled Inphlu to generate pertinent copy suitable for social media posts in seconds, streamlining their platform and helping brands increase reach, engagement, brand awareness, and trust. We can help design custom AI models tailored to your business needs. With Smartdata, you can trust us to deliver the ChatGPT integrations needed to create robust Generative AI models.

ChatGPT Integration Case Study

Technologies Used

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Business Model:

Offshore Development

About Company:

Inphlu is a leading employee advocacy platform that enables businesses to harness the power of their employees as advocates on social media. With a range of features designed to empower employees and streamline content creation and sharing, Inphlu helps businesses to increase their reach and engagement while building brand awareness and trust.

The Solution:

Generate Post Captions Based on Predefined Industries

In this feature, Users can select their industry from a predefined list, enabling ChatGPT system to suggest relevant topics specifically tailored to their chosen industry. Once a topic is selected, ChatGPT utilizes the combination of the chosen industry and topic to generate a unique and engaging post caption. This feature empowers users to create industry-specific and compelling captions that effectively convey their message while capturing the essence of their chosen industry.

Generate Post Captions from User-Entered Free Text

With this feature, users can enter free text, and ChatGPT system will generate a captivating caption based on that input. Not only that, but the system also provides relevant keywords that can be used to search for corresponding Shutterstock images. This seamless integration between generating captions and finding the perfect visuals ensures that user’s content is not only well-written but also visually impactful.

Generate Unique Captions from Original Captions

With this functionality, users can write or create an original post caption, and ChatGPT system will generate an impressive array of creative and unique post captions. These generated captions can be easily shared with other users in contacts, offering them a wide range of captivating options to choose from. We have extensively tested this feature and successfully generated up to 1000 unique post captions.

The Results:

Smart Data provided Inphlu with an efficient AI-integration solution leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT API integration. This enabled them to generate relevant content for their social media platforms quickly and easily, resulting in increased reach, engagement, brand awareness, and trust. Smart Data invested significant resources to ensure the successful deployment of the API and customized models according to Inphlu’s specific requirements. The result was a streamlined platform that has successfully helped Inphlu grow its business. Learn more about our ChatGPT Integration Capabilities here, or Contact us below with any questions!


Good support from management: With the management support and encouragement when team had faced struggles due to limited technical knowledge and slowly client got confidence about team improvement.


Post deployment support: The Post deployment support as discussed above is the added advantage they got from us.


Successful on-time delivery: Finally, as an outcome the project succeeded to be delivered on time to their client having them happy with quality and functionalities required.

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