HIPPA Compliant Business Management Software


Focus on Your Customers, Not Your Inbox

SmartTicket promotes team collaboration. No need to forward or carbon copy, all ticket collaborators are engaged in the ongoing conversation at all times.


Not an out-of-the-box helpdesk solution


Take Control of Your Workflow and Workspace


Tailored to meet the needs of your business

Create Users


Custom User Roles


Custom Forms

Built-in API

Upload your Logo

Change Theme Colors

Manage Email Notifications

WYS/WYG Editors

We use the Smart Data internal secure and HIPAA compliant communication portal in our clinic for interoffice communications as well as communication with our patients….

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Track Support Performance

SmartTicket will help create a transparent workflow for your business and your customers. The status, comments and upload documents for any ticket can be viewed at any time. Know what has been completed and what actions need to be taken to complete each request.

Aditional Security Information

Leveraging the Custom Form Builder feature, external custom HTML forms can be built to create records within your SmartTicket system without your clients or prospective clients ever having to log in. You can create anything from patient enrollment forms to basic contact forms. With the built-in SmartTicket API, SmartData can create forms matching your layout that can be placed directly on your website. When the forms are filled out and submitted on your website, the information is passed into SmartTicket and a ticket will be created automatically.

Secure and HIPAA/PII Compliant

Confidential data never leaves your company. Handling any personal information such as litigations or medical records requires great care. SmartTicket uses the best industry practices to ensure that only people with right access can see or modify related information.
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Pricing List



50 Tickets per Month

500 MB Mac Storage

2 Max Form (ticket types)

Up to active users



100 Tickets per month

2 GB Max Storage

5 Max Form (ticket types)

Up to 200 active users



1000 Tickets per month

10 GB Mac Storage

10 Max Form (ticket types)

Up to 1000 active users



Unlimited Tickets per month

50 GB Max Storage

Unlimited Form (ticket) types

Unlimited active users

Technologies Used:

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