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HCM Solution Features

Human Resources Apps for SAP Fiori are a suite of mobile-enabled Apps to automate your HR process that are quick to deploy and configurable to your unique requirements. Transform the HR department from an administrative office to a strategic partner within your enterprise.

Ready to run workflow enabled Forms configured for your policies. Empower both your HR department as well as you employees.

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Template solutions to facilitate tailoring to your unique requirements. Import, Configure and Extend.

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Security and Risk

Template deployment for low risk rapid benefit realisation. No SECURITY concerns as all data is on the SAP platform, and leverages existing SAP authorisation profiles.
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Deep SAP integration plus the ability to integrate to solutions such as Taleo, Successfactors or other HR Document Management Systems
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Extensible Workflow

Workflow is designed to allow the management of the process and include parallel tasks and updates of only the participants relevant data.

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Quality of Data

Complete, validated and accurate data captured once at source.

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Reduce manual processing costs and accelerate HR.

Unlock the full power of your SAP system

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For HR Managers

Initiate requests, source data and rules directly from SAP, Approve and automate the updates.

Transform all your HCM processes including • Talent Management • Recruitment process • Time + Attendance • Reporting + Analysis

Employee On-boaring

Fast-track new-hire processes with intuitive workflow and built-in electronic forms, from any device.

Manage all participants and activities to get employees set up to be productive on day one.

Enable new hires to complete induction and submit information from home. Automate the updates to SAP.

Collect and securely store all documentation and secure electronic signatures for compliance.

Personal Details

Ability to view, edit or request changes to sensitive personal data securely. Easily change or add Bank Details, Addresses and Emergency Contacts.

Benefits Management

Simplify and streamline employee benefits enrollment and administration with our Fiori apps.

Centrally administer and manage every aspect of your benefits program. Streamline the offering of complex benefit plans involving multiple carriers.

Provide employees a consumer-centric shopping experience with easy to use navigation.

Benefits Enrollment

Streamline benefits enrollment and management. Allow employees to enroll in selected programs and provide a quick and easy overview of the benefit plans in which an employee is enrolled.

Employee Self Service

Initiate requests, source data and rules directly from SAP, Approve and automate the updates.

Payslips and Payments Summaries

Eliminate payslip and payment summary printing and distribution costs, and ensure payroll confidentiality, by enabling employees to access current and prior payroll information online.

Time and Attendance

Enter leave requests and complete timesheets for detailed costing and hourly wage processing. View Team calendars and leave balances.

Employee Separation

Automate the separation process and ensure compliance with your policies.

Manage the process with checklists and workflow to ensure collaboration with all parties involved.

Capture all required documentation and enable digital sign-off where required.

Career Development Management

Empower employees to take control over their own career development planning and career path.

Close talent gaps with career paths that link to learning activities. Help employees explore career paths, assess readiness, and address gaps with targeted career development plans.

Sun Chemical Case Study

Sun Chemical is the world’s leading producer of inks and employs more than 20,000 people in 63 countries. Smart Data helped digitalize their Employee onboarding with Fiori.

Read Case Study →

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