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Optimizing Financial Workflows with SAP Fiori

Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM), a leading company in the construction materials industry, undertook two strategic projects to modernize their financial workflows. By replacing aging processes with integrated, efficient solutions, they aimed to seamlessly interact with their SAP systems while introducing workflow tracking, monitoring, auditing, and analytics capabilities into their capital expenditure (CAPEX) and rebate settlement approval processes.

Carlisle SAP Case Study

Technologies Used

Technologies Used

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Functional Area:

    • Finance


    • SAP ERP
    • SAP Netweaver

Special Features:

  • Workflow
  • SSO
  • SAP Integration
  • Excel Integration
  • SAP Fiori
  • IQX Fiori Appbuilder

Team Members:

    • 3 ABAP/Fiori Developers, 1 PM, 1 Web Developer

Project Timeline:

    • 12 Months Ongoing enhancements




Carlisle, PA

Start Date:


Business Model:

Project Teams

The Company:

Carlisle Construction Materials is a prominent player in the construction materials industry, known for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With over a century of experience, Carlisle has earned a stellar reputation in the building materials industry for its exceptional products, outstanding service, and groundbreaking innovations. Consequently, the company aimed to enhance its financial processes to ensure efficiency and align with industry standards.

The Problem and Solution:

Project 1: CAPEX Modernization

Problem: Carlisle Construction Materials faced challenges with their aging CAPEX workflow process, which lacked integration with SAP and needed improved workflow tracking and CAPEX analytics.

Solution: The company initiated a project that involved the development of Fiori applications with integrated workflows and notifications. This allowed their Finance Controllers to perform calculations in Excel and import them into the CAPEX approval workflow. The workflow was designed to dynamically adjust based on criteria such as expenditure amount. Furthermore, internal orders were generated directly in SAP, and dashboards were implemented for comprehensive workflow tracking, management, and analytics.

SAP Fiori Capex Solution Screenshot 3
SAP Fiori Capex Solution Screenshot 2
SAP Fiori Capex Solution Screenshot

The Problem and Solution:

Project 2: Rebate Settlement Modernization

Problem: The existing rebate settlement approval process at Carlisle Construction Materials was outdated and lacked workflow tracking, monitoring, auditing capabilities, and SAP integration.

Solution: The company embarked on a second project, creating Fiori applications with integrated workflows and notifications. This transformation empowered Rebate Administrators to handle workflow programs and settlements seamlessly within Fiori, eliminating the need for SAPGUI. Approval workflows were established at both program and settlement levels, allowing users to update billing documents, access sales and credit information, attach necessary documents, and create settlements. A dedicated dashboard was introduced for streamlined workflow tracking and management.

Carlisle SAP Fiori Rebates Project Screenshot 1
Carlisle SAP Fiori Rebates Project Screenshot 2

The Results:

By successfully implementing these two projects, Carlisle Construction Materials achieved several key outcomes:

Automating workflows, minimizing manual efforts and optimizing financial processes.
Single Sign-On (SSO) implementation improved user access and security.
SAP integration ensured data consistency and accuracy across systems.
Enhanced workflow tracking and monitoring empowered teams to make informed decisions promptly.
Comprehensive dashboards provided valuable insights, supporting better financial management and planning.
Carlisle Construction Materials’ innovative steps significantly enhanced efficiency within the organization. By embracing technology and leveraging SAP Fiori applications with integrated workflow notifications, they brought automation, security, accuracy, and unparalleled insights into their operational framework. This enabled them to remain ahead of the curve in the construction materials industry while ensuring sound financial practices and decision-making.

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