What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

If you are running a business and selling a product, then you already know the importance of support and service once the sale is complete. After all, the long-term performance and reputation of your organization depend on how you deal with your customers after the sale. Over time, no matter how good your product is, if you have difficult customer support then you will likely see a dip in sales.

And, customer service is more important now than ever. We live in an era when time is precious and no one wants to wait; customers want answers to their questions immediately. But you also know that support and service can be a time-consuming process.

Recent research has found that around 80% of customers prefer accessing customer support as a self-service product, rather than dealing with a customer service agent. In addition, in most businesses it is not possible for an agent to know everything and be able to solve all problems. There is often documentation and a full team involved in even moderately complex issues.

Many of today’s customers are also technically literate. They like personalized, mobile-friendly service with recommendations specifically for them. They prefer always-on apps that they use on a daily basis and predictive services that can help resolve their problem before they even know they have one.

To summarize, Salesforce Service Cloud unquestionably improves your operational support cycles and promotes better insight for your agents. Your agents have a full 360-degree view of your customers. Accessing this data, your agents can provide timely resolution to issues and improve agent productivity. If you care about your customers and want to retain them for the long term, then Salesforce Service Cloud will help you do that. With Service Cloud, you can focus on gaining new customers, rather than spending all of your time supporting the customers you have.

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Getting Started with Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a product that is based on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. This means that all your data lives within the application in the cloud. Most business products are now based on this model, which has many advantages both from an IT and a customer perspective over traditional software packages. In addition, with Service Cloud, companies can scale their operations quickly for their current or future business purposes by automatically scaling up their cloud to meet demand.

Now every business can use Salesforce’s integrated customer relationship management service to have a 360-degree view of all our customer data. Businesses now have access from anywhere to all data such as contact information, purchasing history, and when the last time the customer communicated with the support team. There are many features available in the Service Cloud platform, such as live agent support, in-app support, knowledgebase, communities, and social media channels. With the help of these, organizations can achieve Improved customer satisfaction, increased customer support productivity, reduced maintenance budgets, and can even maintain integrations with the platform ecosystem to further expand Service Cloud capabilities. Let’s take a look at a few of these features.

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Salesforce Live Agent

Salesforce Live Agent is a Salesforce native tool that allows users to communicate with service and support agents in real-time. Live-agent-enabled websites show a “Chat” tab on screen that connects to an agent. This live chat agent can greatly improve your customer’s experience by reducing effort and wait time. Everyone hates to wait for support; by using this feature, your customer always gets help in less time than if they called or email. And, live agents can more quickly and accurately get users exactly what they want from the support team.

Live Agent is also a great solution for those who have a minimally-sized support team and want to extract more from it. Unlike a telephone support call center, where one support person can talk with one customer at a time, using Live Agent they can manage more than one customer quickly and effectively from one screen without switching a single tab.

Live Agent also provides extensive configuration capabilities, enabling you to create robust processes by adding data validation before the user links to an agent, creating and sending survey forms, and adding the ability to send knowledge articles with a few clicks. Other features like sneak-peek make Service Cloud even more user-friendly and effective.

Salesforce Service Console Graphic

Service Console

Service Console is the heart of the Service Cloud. By using the console the agent can open multiple case histories, customer profiles, product information, and dashboards on a single screen using various sub-tabs and without switching between too many independent tabs. This means the agent can access all the information related to the case in one place and become more productive.

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Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Knowledge is the ultimate support tool for service agents. With Salesforce Knowledge, you can create and manage a knowledge base with your product or company information and securely share it when needed. Knowledge base is built on Salesforce Knowledge Articles, and articles are documented information on your product or company. These can take the form of a product guide or common issues which are solved by following some standard instructions. Experienced agents and internal writers can write the articles and then publish to the knowledge base either to be available internally or externally or both.

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Communities help customers find solutions independently. Communities make it easier for customers to find their own answers by easily searching for the information they need from multiple sources provided by you. You can even provide access to experts, groups, and other customers.

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Omni-Channel is the newest offering that helps boost your productivity and efficiency. Omni-Channel allows routing of your incoming requests to the most qualified and available agent. Available for both Salesforce Lightning and Classic, Omni-Channel is an adaptable, adjustable component that can be implemented without composing code. Omni-Channel routes all cases to the correct agent automatically; no need for an agent to pick up from the queue manually, which saves everyone time and effort.

What problems does Salesforce Service Cloud Solve?

Low Customer Relationship Ratings: With Service Cloud your customers can easily connect with your service agents to solve their problems quickly. Because of this, you should see an improvement in your customer relationships and in customer retention.

Low Case Resolution Metrics: Because of automation and access to 360-degree customer views, Service Cloud can boost your case resolution numbers. You’ll be able to solve cases in less time and much more efficiently.

Lagging Agent Metrics: As stated, having all the necessary information to solve a problem right at their fingertips is key to improving the customer service experience. In addition, Salesforce allows agents to access the system from any place and using any device. No more excuses!

Data Security Issues: Salesforce is all about data security. And the Service Cloud, as part of the Salesforce ecosystem, is no exception. Built on an industry-leading platform, driven by attention to data protection, Service Cloud’s multilayered approach protects your customer information right from the start, including sensitive financial data, purchase history and contact information.

There are many types of service applications available on the market. However, Salesforce Service Cloud is leading the way with cutting-edge technology that brings agent and customer communication to new levels and supporting the needs of both in the process.

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Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities are endless, it is the best platform on today’s market that offers a complete package of applications to run your entire sales and marketing department.

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