What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

We live in an era when businesses need to be at the top of their game. There is no sense in following a traditional or historical approach to selling your product. It’s time to upgrade to a modern sales process and add more value to your sales efforts.

The abilities of Salesforce Sales Cloud are tremendous and can rapidly help you improve your sales cycle efficiency, increase your revenue, and improve how your business is perceived by your employees, customers and potential customers.

Sales Cloud provides a comprehensive list of features such as Contact and Account Management, Opportunity Management, Lead Management, Reports & Dashboards, Sales Forecasting, and Workflows and Approvals. These features allow sales managers and sales representatives to make insightful decisions, and accelerate productivity to close more deals in less time and with less effort.

By taking advantage of all the features of Sales Cloud, your sales manager and reps never miss any important task or activity. With Sales Cloud, tasks, and activities are maintained in an automated way by using Process Builder, Workflows, and automated Approval Processes.

No matter how big or small your business is, Salesforce provides all the required features on a wallet-friendly budget. Salesforce offers four different packages you can choose from based on your needs: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Module Dashboard

Who Is Sales Cloud For?

Any company with B2B and B2C clients that has sales reps and sales teams with products to sell can leverage Salesforce Sales Cloud to increase those sales. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, if you have a product you are taking to market with a selling team, then the Sales Cloud is ready to meet your business needs.

Sales Cloud helps sales managers and sales reps automate their tasks and work so they can concentrate on closing more deals faster, rather than playing around with data spreadsheets and managing documents.

Sales Cloud works on the assumption that “until the deal is closed the opportunity is open”. This is why Salesforce provides modern sales analytics and intelligence add-ons: so you can sell faster and smarter. Sell the way you want by customizing Sales Cloud to how your team works. Sell from anywhere at any time on any device. These modern features will help your business grow more.

By taking advantage of collaboration and automating marketing tools within Sales Cloud, you can customize and improve your own processes. For example, a lead assignment rule can be used to route leads automatically to the right salesperson. You can cover every touch point for your deals according to your existing sales process, with guidance at every stage of the process so your sales reps do not miss a single task or detail in closing a deal. Sales Cloud also simplifies sales tasks, such as quoting, which can be set up to quote directly with lead to cash.

How Salesforce Sales Cloud Features Help Sales Managers and Reps

Salesforce Sales Process Graphic

Sales Process

Salesforce gives you insight into the whole sales process. The sales path helps manage and configure the stages of your sales process and makes it easy to automate and manage tasks and activities related to each stage. Sales Cloud also helps sales managers track opportunities and sales reps in order to close the deal faster.

Salesforce Sales Contact Graphic

Sales Contact Management

This feature will help you to know every contact in your customer accounts, as well as their recent activity and communication history. You can also pull social data to learn more about your contact, like what they are saying about services and products on social media. You can obtain more information, such as what issues they may be facing. Using all this information you can be well-prepared for any meeting and keep the deal moving.

Salesforce Lead Management Graphic

Lead Management

Lead management allows you to convert more leads to real opportunities with up-to-date contact information and relevant documents. Web-to-Lead allows you to get leads directly from your web form into Sales Cloud, which is standard functionality in the Sales Cloud. Route leads to the person who is best equipped to convert it into an opportunity using the lead assignment rules and track your leads through marketing campaigns across all channels.

Salesforce Reports and Dashboards Graphic

Reports and Dashboards

Sales managers and reps can build reports and dashboards on their own with drag and drop tools, filters and grouping. No need to hire developers. Get a quick view of how changes affect your sales with modern charts and graphs of your data that allow you to get up-to-date information and make critical decisions from anywhere.

Salesforce Workflow and Approval Process Graphic

Workflows and Approval processes

Keeping opportunities in motion leads to success. A complicated sales process can be automated with an easy to use interface by using Process Builder. Automatic steps guide sales reps intelligently and can recommend next steps to closing a deal and the necessary tasks associated with the actions. You can also automate the approval process for simple business requests like discount approval and expense report acceptance. And you can can also respond to these requests over email or chatter, with no need to log in to Salesforce.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud capabilities are endless, it is the best platform on today’s market that offers a complete package of applications to run your entire sales and marketing department.

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