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Smart Data through a strategic partnership with Ascend Innovations offers innovative solutions.

Who We Are

Ascend is a life science company that improves lives by combining the insights of Data Science with the intuition of Design Thinking.

We develop technology that solves unmet needs in health and human performance.

Guided by a sense of purpose, we understand that the work we do directly impacts the lives of people and the communities they live within. Transformative ideas require collaboration – we build partnerships, not client lists.

When we combine the collective expertise of our network, we produce amazing results. Only by working together can we improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

We continually challenge ourselves to build and commercialize life science products that reshape the healthcare landscape. This requires a rigid process and a deep reliance on relevant data to identify trends and opportunities that can improve experiences and create a positive impact on our society.

Dreaming big is aspirational, but when you have the data and talent to drive decision-making, our aspirations quickly become a reality.

Ascend is owned by Premier Health, Kettering Health Network, and Dayton Children’s through the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA).

How We Work Together

We understand that each project is unique and requires a tailored approach to find the best solution. Our process is built around flexibility with just enough framework to scale, ensuring we solve the right problem at the right time.


Explore - Strategy & Research


Create - Rapid Design & Development


Evolve - Scalable Design & Production

What Our Partnership Provides

We offer products and services to help solve your project needs.



Mobile + Web Applications


Automated Systems


Machine Learning Algorithms


HIPAA Compliant Data Tools


Community Dashboards



Research & Strategy


Digital Design




Data Science



Example Of The Team’s Work

GetHelpNow will help eliminate much of the guess work for law enforcement, EMS crews & others who are at the scene of an emergency.

Helen Jones-Kelley

Executive Director ADAMHS

Guiding our community to recovery with GetHelpNow

With the rise of the opioid epidemic, efforts to help patients recover have resulted in a drastic increase in addiction treatment providers. Finding help can be a challenge. To simplify the process we partnered with the Montgomery County Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) to build a mobile application that helps connect patients with the right treatment and support facilities.

What we did






Market Analysis


Marketing Assets




Web/Android/iOS App

The Problem

Over the past several years, Ohio consistently ranks at or near the top of the nation for drug overdose-related deaths. Our hometown of Dayton, OH, has been hit especially hard by the opioid crisis.

While our region has an abundant amount of treatment providers for addiction and mental health, finding the right one was a complicated task. Before this project, those seeking help relied on general web searches or were given a printed directory of providers by first responders that were hard to understand and routinely out of date.

A human-centered discovery

We began by immersing ourselves into the problem by performing an audit of each provider’s website, assessing auxiliary online tools for locating treatment and reviewing digital applications for mental health and addiction support.

Additionally, we spent time interviewing members of the community, including local law enforcement, EMTs, recovering addicts, and staff from treatment facilities.

Models for design

Starting with a prototype, we consolidated the services into familiar terms to help create a simple and easy way to navigate the app. By providing a reference guide, individuals were able to determine what service was appropriate to their needs.

Built for the community

Throughout the prototype phase, we collected feedback from the community, consolidated the ideas into common themes, and adjusted the final design to accommodate the changes.

The app has been a successful addition to the Dayton region, empowering both residents and community support groups to stay up to date with the offerings of Montgomery County.

Expanding our reach

Services are continually expanded upon to include relief from tragedies, natural disasters, pandemics, and more. Expansion of the GetHelpNow suite will soon include a student feature, aimed at helping K-12 aged children navigate cyber interactions, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

GetHelpNow is now available for web and mobile platforms. Training videos can be accessed on gethelpnowmc.com.

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