AI and the Trust Problem in Healthcare

Published by Jay Brown

On October 19, 2023
Lunch and Learn AI and the Trust Problem in Healthcare

November 14th, 2023

11:30 am – 1:00 pm

In-Person and Virtual

AI and the Trust Problem in Healthcare

This talk will discuss strategies to safely apply the latest advances in AI and LLM technology to a healthcare setting. The talk will focus on applying these strategies in an oncology setting as a means to accelerate the adoption of new treatments and support general oncologists to deliver better care close to home for every patient. We will explore both the technical and human strategies to make this possible.

About Matthew Struck: Founder, Head of Product @ Primum

Matthew is an experienced product leader who has worked on healthcare products in clinical decision support, cell and gene therapy, real world data, and decentralized clinical trials. He has had prior roles at Medable, Syapse, Vineti and Epocrates. He is passionate about bringing to healthcare a user-centered design approach, and has specialized in building zero to one products.

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