Custom Software Development Companies – How they are Helping Enterprises Achieve Mobility

Published by Jay Brown

On April 11, 2022

Over the past few years, the term “enterprise mobility” has become one of the most thrown-around terms in the landscape of Information Technology. But what does it actually mean?

Simply put, enterprise mobility refers to the growing trend of enterprises allowing for remote working options, using cloud solutions to access enterprise databases, and letting employees use personal computers and mobile devices for business purposes. Essentially, it entails the management of personnel, mobile and computer devices, and networks, across geographically diverse areas.

From its definition, it must be quite understandable why enterprise mobility is so highly sought after – especially in the post-COVID era. Enterprise mobility offers enterprises flexibility, increased productivity, and decreased infrastructure and operational costs. Employees can have uninterrupted access to vital enterprise information without having to be onsite constantly, and collaborate with each other more efficiently.

However, a lot of enterprises struggle to achieve enterprise mobility – simply because they are unequipped with the knowledge, expertise, or resources required to plan and implement enterprise mobility solutions.

This has led to the rise of custom software development companies in the market, which are providing enterprises with solutions that help them take steps towards mobility.

The process of creating, building, and delivering solutions for a single individual or group of individuals within an organization or as a third-party agreement is known as custom software development, and the firms that develop these solutions are custom software development companies.

Why Custom Software Development Companies:

Employing a custom software development company to achieve enterprise mobility has several advantages over implementing off-the-shelf solutions.

Firstly, custom development software companies provide solutions that meet specific business requirements instead of a “one-fits-all” solution, which makes it easier for enterprises to implement them into their businesses.

Moreover, since enterprises essentially get what they want, customized software solutions give enterprises a complete advantage and help them improve their productivity.

Secondly, custom software can lower security risks by allowing enterprises to incorporate as many security safeguards as they wish. They do not have to rely on the limited security features of any off-the-shelf product and do not have to pay more for extra security measures. As a result, enterprises are turning to custom software development companies for enterprise mobility solutions.

Common Custom Software Solutions:

Here are some of the most sought-after solutions that custom software development companies provide enterprises with:

1. Automation Solutions

In this competitive market atmosphere, enterprises need to be quick in delivering value to their clients. Automation helps enterprises streamline their processes by eliminating manual labor where it isn’t required, thus enhancing their capabilities and boosting their productivity.

Custom software development companies develop bespoke solutions for enterprises that include smooth automation processes, skilled engineering, modern equipment, and technical support to back them all up.

Automation is a much sought-after solution that makes processes like manufacturing, bookkeeping, transporting, compliance checks, clerical functions, and even customer service more effective.

2. Staff Augmentation Services

With enterprises being more open to remote working models, they are looking beyond the traditional contract-based staffing methods to complete IT projects. Staff augmentation is one such method.

Staff augmentation involves employing temporary employees to meet short-term project requirements within enterprises. This method is used to fill gaps within the enterprise’s existing workforce using outsourced (usually offshore) talent.

Custom software development companies understand these requirements and the talent enterprises need to fill this gap. As a result, they oversee the entire recruitment process for enterprises – right from searching for and shortlisting the most eligible candidates, screening them, employing them, to even managing their performance.

Custom software development companies provide enterprises with specific staffing models that fit within their requirements and budgets.

3. Hybrid Work Models

Post-COVID, custom software development companies are aiding enterprises to shift to hybrid work models. These services, usually in tandem with automation and digital transformation services, include:

Designing a worker-centric digital workplace to ensure employee productivity, helping enterprises invest in the right technology and platforms.
Re-designing the enterprise’s physical footprint to accommodate the new model.
Eventually moving the enterprise to the new model with minimal interruption in the business activities.
Ensuring that the new digital workplace is secure from data breaches and malware attacks.
These work models help enterprises avoid losing business during the lockdowns while preventing their employees from being at risk of getting infected.

4. Cloud-based Solutions

Cloud solutions offer businesses faster innovation, flexible resources, and economical scalability. Custom cloud solutions help enterprises manage their databases, handle heavy amounts of traffic, draw customer insights from their data, and provide personalized services to them.

Custom software development companies offer cloud solutions with personalized assistance, flexibility, and within your budgetary constraints, while also giving enterprises the leeway to oversee the kind of solutions they require.

5. Cybersecurity Solutions

With the increase in remote working post-COVID, enterprises have become more vulnerable to cyberattacks. These attacks can result in data breaches and leakages that can cause huge financial losses to enterprises.

Custom software development companies provide cybersecurity solutions that help enterprises identify and plug these gaps. They also offer services like penetration testing, security audits, and application security.


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About Smart Data:

Smart Data is a custom software development company with a proven track record of building various bespoke software solutions for various pain points across industries and sectors.

Employ Smart Data for your software development requirements, and achieve enterprise mobility!

Published by Jay Brown

On April 11, 2022

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