Building a More Collaborative Software Development Company

Published by Chris St Amand

On April 26, 2022

Collaboration – Why it is essential

For IT and Software Development Companies, digital transformation and service delivery success has less to do with employing cutting-edge technology or employing the best brains in the industry. Rather, it has everything to do with one simple yet powerful aspect – collaboration; be it internally amongst their teams or departments, or externally with their clients.

Collaborative enterprises encourage people – be it clients or employees – to contribute unique insights to projects on a regular basis and to become motivated by a collective mission rather than personal gain or the intrinsic pleasures of autonomous creativity.

These enterprises mobilize employees’ talents and expertise in flexible, highly manageable group-work efforts by combining a sense of common purpose with a supportive structure. Not only does the approach promote innovation and agility, but it also promotes efficiency and scalability.

As an enterprise, it makes no difference how good your service is if you don’t have clients or customers who want to use it. Collaborating with clients is a low-cost way to broaden your audience.

Both you and your clients want to grow your respective businesses and gain new clients. Client collaboration enables both you and your client to see success in your businesses and help you achieve various objectives.

Collaboration is a powerful tool that helps your enterprise build strong networks and establish its reputation. Being a successful enterprise means having an arsenal of strong alliances up your sleeve, and efficient collaboration gives you that.

Collaborating with people, either internally or with clients, helps you learn new skills, practices, technology, and processes. Every collaborative effort is an opportunity for enterprises to gain knowledge.

With collaboration, you can make the client a key stakeholder of the service implementation and all discussions surrounding it, making the process more transactional and instilling a sense of shared purpose among all parties involved.

Ultimately, collaboration is a win-win process for enterprises, that helps them save money and labor while enhancing their efficiency and relationships.

Steps to being more collaborative

For software development companies that offer digital transformation services, collaboration is especially important. To implement digital solutions, it is first necessary to know your client well – the industry they operate in, the nature of their operations, their budget, their organizational gaps, the basis and goals of the project, their budgetary constraints, and how best to implement the solution within these specificities.

You must first discuss the project’s basics with the client, such as how long it will take to achieve specific goals and the project’s difficulty. Discuss the estimated date of completion as well as the overall scope of the project, including any resources that may be required.

As an enterprise, you must consider how your services will benefit their firm in the short and long term. It is critical to explain expectations on both sides here, as the client must provide clearly defined goals for you to be successful. Only once all parties are pleased with the scope of the task should you proceed to the following phase.

In addition to knowing your client wholly, you also need to be transparent about your own capabilities as a software development company. Define your own advantages and disadvantages. It’s preferable to recognize and accept your limitations than to take on work and disappoint new clients.

Before engaging with the client, you would have clearly defined the internal procedures for working on various projects and with various clients. It is critical that you adhere to these working practices so that you are aware of and comprehend what may be expected as a result.

Finally, be sure to adhere to the project deadlines. When you commit to delivering at particular intervals, missing these targets can severely affect the client’s business operations. Be prepared to report the project results and status on a frequent basis as you go through a project. This is a critical step since it reassures the client that you are on track.

Building a more collaborative software development company requires dedication and effort, but the rewards are great. By collaborating with clients, you can learn new skills and processes, save money and labor, and improve your company’s efficiency and reputation. Implementing these steps will help your organization become more collaborative overall.

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Collaboration – The Smart Data way

At Smart Data, collaboration is not just a buzzword we use as a core value – it is something that is essential to how we do things. We have always maintained that we are not just a software development company – rather, we are an extension of our client’s technical teams.

To illustrate, we have been engaging with a healthcare provider since 2014. Since then, we have delivered them digital solutions for various problems – ranging from rewriting their data collection process, building them a fast and reliable Incident Management System that delivered information about vulnerable patients to third party groups for fast and dignified treatment, and integrating three different software systems that resulted in a decreased training time.

In addition to this, we have also built them a hybrid resource model to cover their technical needs.

This is just one example of our collaborative nature. With a keen understanding of our clients, and adaptability to their organizational processes, we have built a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions to significant business problems without any hassle. We believe in being technology partners, not vendors or gatekeepers.

Smart Data is a company of problem solvers committed to improving the business processes of our customers through digital solutions. We design and implement scalable digital transformation solutions that help you modernize your business procedures, increase efficiency, and provide satisfying user experiences to your customers.

Published by Chris St Amand

On April 26, 2022

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