Stay on Target! Using Flutter to Create Multi-Platform Apps in One Hit

Published by Katie Indoe

On September 14, 2020
Flutter Lunch and Learn Post

October 21st, 2020

11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Online Only

Stay on Target! Using Flutter to Create Multi-Platform Apps in One Hit

What if I told you “write once run everywhere” code was possible without Jedi mind tricks? An Alliance of engineers at Google have made this possible without turning to the dark side!

Behold… The power of The Force… I mean Flutter…

Flutter is more powerful than you can possibly imagine. It can deploy native apps to iOS and Android, in addition to the web. Together we will build a “Yoda Translator” app from scratch. We’ll start by generating the basic Flutter scaffold. By the end we’ll have a fully functioning app that can take any English sentence and translate it into Yodish.

The framework that you are looking for, this is! Come to this event to learn how Flutter can help you prototype and deploy applications in record time!


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