Scrum Companies Provide Better Digital Business Solutions. Here’s Why

Published by Jay Brown

On October 13, 2022
Scrum Companies Provide Better Digital Business Solutions.

Scrum is the most widely used lightweight, agile framework in project management. It refers to a specific methodology, principles, and values employed to organize and manage complex easily, which is a great asset for developing digital business solutions. An overwhelming 56% of companies working on large projects use the Scrum methodology.

The term “scrum” has its origin in rugby, where the teams form a high-performing, cross-functional formation.

The essence of the scrum approach is that a large project is divided into several shorter, high-energy, high-productivity phases called “sprints,” which ensures better focus and quicker results.

Why Scrum Works

There are many reasons why the scrum methodology has evolved into the most popular framework in digital business solutions. Some of the benefits of scrum are:

1. There is efficient utilization of time, money, and energy resources with scrum. This makes the teams complete the most complex tasks with greater speed and efficiency.

2. Since managing a large project at once is difficult, the scrum methodology enables managers to divide one large task into easily manageable smaller sprints. This makes the goals achievable and trackable and lends visibility to the project.

3. Instead of checking the deliverables at the end of the project, the developments are reviewed at the end of every sprint in scrum meetings. This makes sure that the project is debugged early and gives more scope for feedback and changes.

Scrum Companies vs Regular Companies – What’s the Difference?

Many companies involved in software development and operations work on agile working models. Though scrum is a type of agile working model, it has some unique characteristics that set it apart from the purely agile working model.

The main idea of an agile model is its focus on short cycles that focus on project development. This is crucial for software development companies, as handling a large task, client feedback, unforeseen iterations, and bugs are not feasible. It focuses primarily on team spirit, collaboration, and effective communication.

In agile practices, 94% of the companies use scrum either wholly or coupled with other frameworks. Even though Scrum has all these agile features, is more focused on laying clear time limits and boundaries in the distribution of work, making the agile approach more structuralized. The large project is divided into smaller sprints of tasks lasting 1-4 weeks each in the scrum. The average size of a scrum team is 7 members, and the average duration of a scrum sprint is 2.4 weeks.

The entire set of people working on a project is divided into teams, each team having a scrum master, a product owner, and a development team. Often, the team members are called for a daily scrum meeting to get an update on the progress of the assigned tasks.

Why Hire a Scrum Company as a Digital Business Solution Provider

A company must focus on two major groups- its employees and its customers. For the benefit of both these important parties, hiring a scrum company as a digital business provider can do wonders:

1. A scrum company, as a digital business solution provider, makes employees’ lives easier and enhances their productivity. This is because feedback, changes, and error management become easy to incorporate.

2. There is great transparency in every aspect of scrum- the client and the company can keep track of the work progress, finances, effectiveness of the project, and even the contribution of each employee.

3. The ultimate aim of any software development or product is to provide satisfactory results to the customers. Hiring a scrum company as a digital business solution provider can enhance the customer experience and make communication clear and easy.


To conclude, Scrum is the most popular framework for digital business solutions for many reasons. A scrum company is what you need to hire to revolutionize your enterprise’s culture and working model and boost both the quality and quantity of your endeavors by increasing your efficiency. Its benefits include efficient utilization of resources, shorter project duration, and easy incorporation of feedback and changes. Moreover, a scrum company as a digital business solution provider can make the task of employees easier and also benefit the customers with a better product.

About Smart Data

Smart Data is a scrum company with a proven track record of building various bespoke digital business solutions that address various pain points for enterprises across industries and sectors. Employ Smart Data for your software development requirements, and achieve enterprise mobility!

Published by Jay Brown

On October 13, 2022

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